Chicken Curry Leaves Fry – delicious dry recipe with Curry LeavesBy Manakkum SamayalChicken Curry Leaves Fry - In Tamil, சிக்கன் கறிவேப்பிலை ப்ரை - A delicious dry recipe with the main ingredient as Chicken and Curry Leaves. Cook it and Enjoy this tasteful flavour dish from Manakkum Samayal.
Egg Fry – quickest egg recipe – முட்டை ப்ரைBy Manakkum SamayalEgg Fry, In Tamil முட்டை ப்ரை, is one of the quickest egg recipes you can ever make to have it for your rice on Lunch or dinner. This fry recipe along with masala will last ever in your taste buds. Try this today and share your feedback with us.
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